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Design Indaba Conference, a multi-sensory event

The Design Indaba Conference, which will be held from 21-23 February 2018, is going beyond design to create a multi-sensory event where you can hear, see, learn and experience the future of creative thinking and design activism

1 day ago

Sunu Gonera announced as speaker at Design Indaba 2018

Afrofuturist director Sunu Gonera has been announced as one of the speakers at Design Indaba 2018

14 Nov 2017

First speaker for Design Indaba Festival 2018 announced

British designer, Morag Myerscough is the first speaker announced for the Design Indaba Festival 2018

1 Nov 2017

#DesignIndaba2017: Designing with empathy

Designer and coder, Ekene Ijeoma, is one of the creative minds behind The Refugee Project, and advocates design with empathy…

By Louise Marsland 6 Mar 2017

#DesignIndaba2017: All the trends and key themes

A clear thread of emphasising tolerance towards all cultures emerged from speakers at this year's Design Indaba Festival. Here are the trends and key themes that emerged this year

By Louise Marsland 6 Mar 2017

#DesignIndaba2017: The URGENT design strength of feminine fire

Global graduates Kamila Izykowicz and Thandiwe Msebenzi, from Poland and SA respectively, left Design Indaba 2017's final day attendees filled with the message that females are stronger than we think

By Leigh Andrews 3 Mar 2017

#DesignIndaba2017: The 'duct tape' design solution that is Airbnb

Joe Gebbia, entrepreneur and co-fouder of Airbnb, was a highlight of day two at Design Indaba 2017. The company is currently worth US$30bn dollars with 2 million listings in over 191 countries

By Ilse van den Berg 3 Mar 2017

#DesignIndaba2017: Students' social activism FTW!

Global design students Bo-Won Keum of the Rhode Island School of Design affectionately known as ‘Risdee' (RISD) and Rhys Jones of Canada's Carleton University of Industrial Design, enthralled attendees at the second day of Design Indaba 2017 with their use of design to make the world a better place

By Leigh Andrews 2 Mar 2017

#DesignIndaba2017: Unpacking IKEA of Sweden's African collaboration

Before the second morning of Design Indaba kicked off, the tiny yet functional, open-plan IKEA house built at the Artscape's entrance saw the typically tall, blonde, blue-eyed Scandinavian representatives you'd expect shake hands and sit down with a handful of media representatives for a non-typical press conference

By Leigh Andrews 2 Mar 2017

#DesignIndaba2017: Every chair tells a story

Designer Yinka Ilori has turned the chairs he designs into memorabilia from his life and the lives of the people he encounters…

By Louise Marsland 2 Mar 2017

#DesignIndaba2017: Think inside the box

‘Thinking outside the box' a business term from the 1970s, is still occasionally heard by those in the pursuit of elusive creative solutions deemed to exist somewhere outside the bounds of corporate dry walling

By Terry Levin 2 Mar 2017

#DesignIndaba2017: Real global connectivity, three words at a time

Technology designer Chris Sheldrick lit up the afternoon session on the first day of Design Indaba 2017 with his talk on tech startup What3words and used small words with big numbers to explain how it is quite literally changing the world for the better

By Leigh Andrews 1 Mar 2017

#DesignIndaba2017: Bringing great things to People (gt2P) by paracrafting

In the final session before tea on the first day of Design Indaba 2017, Chilean gt2P and SA's own Andile Dyalvane left attendees spellbound and a little shell-shocked at the implications of their work that unravels the DNA of design and respirals it to scale

By Leigh Andrews 1 Mar 2017

#DesignIndaba2017: What is South Africa's most beautiful object?

Beauty is subjective. Something beautiful is not merely visually pleasing to the eye, but when design attributes such as social significance, economic impact, usability, sustainability and even humour are taken into consideration, this meaning is often what makes that thing truly beautiful

1 Mar 2017

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