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MACHINE creates the perfect showcase for the new Prima Toys website

In this age of massive consumer choice, nothing intimidates a shopper more than a fully-stocked toy store. Filled to bursting with enough colourful critters to stock a national zoo, more building bricks than it took to build the great pyramids, and a wider variety of dolls and miniature figurines than you'd find on a film set for Gulliver's Travels, they are enough to frighten even the toughest mom.
MACHINE creates the perfect showcase for the new Prima Toys website
MACHINE creates the perfect showcase for the new Prima Toys website

It was out of this understanding that the beautiful pop-up book, Aunty Planty and the Search for the Perfect Toy was born, as a means to showcase the new Prima Toys website and its innovative toy search function.

Prima Toys is South Africa's leading toy distributor, representing the world's most loved brands and characters, and have been around for over half a century.

In a bid to add its voice to the marketing drive in 2013, Prima Toys redesigned its website, with a one-click toy search at its centre.

MACHINE, the award winning integrated agency, was tasked with launching the new website in a way that not only captured the imagination of the audience (both retail and public), but also showcased the many beautiful brands supplied by Prima Toys.

"It might sound counter-intuitive, but we decided to use a good old fashioned pop-up book to launch the website," explains MACHINE's executive creative director, Jake Bester. "It's a new take on the old-fashioned catalogue, and through the story, it informs the audience about a completely new way to find the perfect toy."

The book was sent to existing and new retail customers, as well as a wide variety of mommy bloggers, who are widely regarded as one of the best sales tools money can buy.

Aunty Planty is written in a style reminiscent of storytellers such as Dr Seuss and Roald Dahl, bringing to life a slightly batty old aunt and her pet fruit bat Little Ghost, who search oceans, jungles, African savannahs and even space for the perfect gift for her nephew Ted - only to end up using her computer, and the trusty Prima Toys toy search.

"Little Ghost remembered from out of the blue
An apparatus that would give them a clue.
A big grey box that held a clever brain,
Perhaps this box would help our poor dame?

"She shouted Eureka and flew to the desktop
Switched it on... and out popped a toy shop!

"An Internet toyshop called Prima Toys
Filled to the brim with toys for boys
And girls of course. She had to lower her voice
She'd never been more spoiled for choice."

The book is beautifully illustrated, with toys showcased on the website being pulled through into the pages.

"The Pop Up book was a refreshing take on launching our new website. The clever design and intricate detail of the book assisted in communicating the new site's toy search beautifully and we are thrilled with the results, says Prima Toys MD Wanda Ambrosini.

"What better way to capture the imagination of a toystore audience, than through a children's book?" concludes Bester.

20 Feb 2014 11:28