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THE Glenlivet makes history with first-ever takeover of Business Day

What would convince South Africa's leading daily business read to allow a brand to take over its front page for the day? Only a celebration with THE finest single malt whisky...
THE Glenlivet makes history with first-ever takeover of Business Day

In what was a first for Business Day, THE Glenlivet staged a brand takeover of the daily paper’s front page on Monday, 13 May. The takeover included a change to the paper’s iconic masthead, from Business Day to THE Business Day - something that has never been done before, in the history of the newspaper.

The takeover was engineered by THE Glenlivet’s brand communications agency, Publicis Machine, along with media agency PHD and digital agency Hello Computer, which have been instrumental in developing the brand’s ‘THE’ campaign over the past year.

“This is a perfect partnership, bringing together two definitive independent brands - THE single malt scotch whisky and THE single-most important daily business read - in what is a first for both brands," comments Publicis Machine’s new managing director and chief creative officer, Gareth McPherson.

‘THE’ campaign, which comprises a full 360-degree communications programme launched in 2018, aims to position THE Glenlivet as THE definitive single malt whisky in South Africa. Organic associations with top events like as The Sun Met and The Vodacom Durban July – South Africa’s top horse-racing events, where THE Glenlivet presents THE definitive lifestyle experience – THE Glenlivet JazzTown, are key to the campaign.

Business Day is a natural choice for a partnership, given that it is THE definitive business read, THE leader in its field, THE first choice for business leaders around the country.

THE Glenlivet is THE definitive single malt scotch whisky, with credentials that include - being THE first licensed distillery in Scotland, THE creator of the term ‘Single Malt’, and THE first brand to put the term “Single Malt” on its label. It’s also THE first and only single malt that inspired a whole region, today called Speyside - which produces the world's favourite style of single malt whisky.

"This is a powerful statement of how brands working in partnership with media owners can create breakthrough campaigns that make a massive impact," says John Beale, head of communications at Pernod Ricard SA. “We are excited to be partnering up with THE leading business newspaper to showcase THE definitive brands. We raise a glass to this milestone and hope your readers join us in the celebration of quality, credible journalism and superior whisky with THE Glenlivet.”

McPherson concludes: “Publicis Machine is incredibly proud of our partnership with THE Glenlivet, and everything we help the brand produce. Being involved in a first-ever brand takeover of South Africa’s definitive business newspaper is big news and we’d like to thank our media partners for helping to make it happen, and of course congratulate Business Day on consistently remaining THE Business read. Sláinte!”

Editor’s note - the traditional Scottish Gaelic toast when raising a glass to say 'cheers' is Slàinte mhath, which is pronounced slan-ge-var.

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17 May 2019 12:14