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Support Machine_'s 2023 Mandela Day fundraiser!

Machine_ loves Mandela Day. Off the back our a successful 2021 and 2022 Mandela Day initiative raising a collective R25,000, we once again asked Machine_ staff to donate 67 minutes of their time to create art inspired by Madiba that we will raffle off to raise funds for Blackboard. Here's how you can contribute to this amazing cause and stand the chance of winning a piece of local art!
Support Machine_'s 2023 Mandela Day fundraiser!

Machine_ is a South African creative-solutions agency, with over 100 talented minds, based in Cape Town and Johannesburg. A few years ago, we launched an initiative called Machine_67 for Mandela Day. For this initiative, we call on our talented creatives to donate their time and artwork, which is then raffled off to raise funds for creative causes.

At Machine_ we believe that we need to nurture, foster and mentor creative talent from a young age to build a future-fit company and diverse creative industry in South Africa. Machine_’s internal initiative, 'The Forge' was established to assist previously disadvantaged individuals with the opportunity to access creative careers. “A forge is where metal is heated and shaped into what it will eventually become. The Forge by Machine_ aims to do the same, by finding and shaping undiscovered talent. Mentoring and growing young creative talent and equipping them with the tools and skills needed in the industry,” says Robyn Campbell, managing director at Machine_ Cape Town.

Our Machine_67 initiative naturally falls under The Forge’s umbrella. And a natural partner for us over the past two years has been the Blackboard Community – a non-profit organisation that is committed to transforming the creative industry from the ground up.

Support Machine_'s 2023 Mandela Day fundraiser!

Blackboard’s aim is to break down barriers and make creative careers more accessible to any child who may dream of being a filmmaker, art director, animator or anything they haven’t heard of yet – essentially, democratising creativity. To read more about what Blackboard does, visit

This year, we have had numerous artworks donated by our talented Machiners from across the country. These will be printed (if a photograph or illustration), hand signed and delivered to randomly selected winners from this raffle. Here's how to donate and stand the lucky chance of winning incredibly cool local art:

  1. Donate R50 or more to be entered into the lucky draw. Click here for the Quicket link.
  2. If you enter R100, that counts as two entries or R200 counts as four entries, and so on.
  3. You are welcome to donate any amount, but only increments of R50 will count as entries to win art.

Want to see what you can win?

Visit our social media pages to get a glimpse of the cool art up for grabs! @thisismachine on Instagram and twitter and This Is Machine ZA on Facebook.

Let’s support the future of South African creativity!

If you have any questions about this initiative, feel free to contact us at az.oc.enihcamsisiht@olleh.

Terms and conditions apply.

13 Jul 2023 15:54