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Big Wednesday creates witty multilingual comic campaign for Ad:Dynamo

Big Wednesday, integrated advertising specialists, recently created a unique comic format campaign for Ad:Dynamo, a pay-per-click advertising business which matches ads to contextually relevant online editorial.
Big Wednesday creates witty multilingual comic campaign for Ad:Dynamo

Big Wednesday were briefed to communicate Ad:Dynamo's ability to pair online publishers with relevant advertisers to clients in new international markets. The marketing communication was required to either be digitally sent ahead to clients to gauge demand for Ad:Dynamo's services, or used as a physical leave behind after face-to-face meetings.

"Setting up a business in multiple new international markets simultaneously is a daunting task. So what was needed was a powerful communication tool explaining exactly what Ad:Dynamo does," says Big Wednesday's Creative Director, Jake Bester. "A second challenge was that the communication needed to be translated into many different languages. The comic format provided the perfect platform as it is not only visually striiking, but also allows for easy translation."

Bester partnered with renowned illustrator, Kronk (, in creating the 18-page comic, entitled Danny Dynamo, after the chief protagonist. The humorous and expertly illustrated comic was hand drawn, re-hand drawn, hand traced, scanned, and then hand coloured by Kronk and his team.

Sean Riley, CEO of Ad:Dynamo, was delighted with the comic book, "The work produced by Big Wednesday has been heralded as world class by customers around the globe. Whilst the material is introductory, the format is spectacular, which ensures that it captures the attention of customers we are introducing to contextual advertising, and sophisticated customers alike. The attention to detail has ensured that translating the creative for different markets is quick and painless."

The Danny Dynamo campaign has been nominated for two Loerie awards.

5 Aug 2011 11:22