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MACHINE celebrates Loeries success

MACHINE's success at the Loeries has firmly established the agency as a formidable force on the advertising landscape.
MACHINE celebrates Loeries success

In their first Loeries performance MACHINE won eight Loerie awards in total, one gold, three silver, three craft certificates and a bronze.

For an agency which was only launched earlier in 2012 this is a sensational showing. Not only did MACHINE win more awards than more established agencies with big blue chip accounts, they have proven that no matter your size, or your age, if you create great work, you will be rewarded.

Jake Bester, Executive Creative Director at MACHINE, is ecstatic at the agency's Loeries success, "I'm so incredibly happy right now and so proud of our agency. The response has been overwhelming. Thank you so much to everybody who made it possible.

Adrian Hewlett, CEO MACHINE, is equally as proud, 'This was our first outing at the Loeries, and while I was always very proud of our work, I would have been happy with one bronze. So this result has blown me away and proves that our investment in people, training, and culture, with total belief in all we are trying to achieve, is driving results. Machine has big aspirations and the Loeries weekend 2012 will always remain a key moment in the evolution of who we are'.

MACHINE received the following Loerie Awards:

  • Campaign Gold: Marmite Poster Campaign (Marmite) Print Communication - Posters
  • Silver: Marmite Blogger Drop (Marmite) Brand Identity and Collateral Design (Direct and Promotional Mail)
  • Silver: Digital Heroes (Habari Media) - Brand Identity and Collateral Design (General Collateral)
  • Craft Certificate: Digital Heroes (Habari Media) - Communication Design, Design Crafts (Illustration)
  • Craft Certificate: Marmite Blogger Drop (Marmite) - Communication Design, Design Crafts (Illustration)
  • Silver: Marmite Blogger Drop (Marmite) - Direct and PR Communication Direct Mail - Dimensional Mail
  • Craft Certificate: Bird (Marmite) Print Communication and Collateral Crafts -Illustration
  • Campaign Bronze: "If Mother didn't tell you about Marmite, what else didn't she tell you?" (Marmite) - Integrated Campaign

2 Oct 2012 12:12