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MACHINE creates Marmite magic with ingenious Halloween campaign

MACHINE recently launched this year's ingenious Marmite Halloween tactical campaign, 'Don't be afraid of the Dark', which encourages people to be brave and try the original dark stuff, because there really isn't anything to be afraid of.

"With an icon brand like Marmite that has been around for almost 110 years, it is almost imperative to keep pushing the boundaries of traditional advertising in order to keep the product front of mind in an ever increasingly complex FMCG environment. It is exactly for this reason that MACHINE has created some of the most exciting viral and tactical campaigns that the brand has been involved in to date," says Neil Meyer, Brand Manager at Bokomo Foods.

The integrated campaign is the second Marmite activation from MACHINE, the first being the multiple award-winning, 'If Mother didn't tell you about Marmite, what else didn't she tell you?' campaign which recently had a first-rate showing at the Loeries, winning six awards in total, and more recently, a Bookmarks award.

Jake Bester, Group Creative
Director at MACHINE

MACHINE's latest Marmite Halloween work, which builds on last year's Gold Loerie-winning poster campaign, has been implemented across multiple channels and includes two Marmite Halloween graffiti walls at high traffic intersections in Johannesburg; Marmite Halloween posters which hint at three well-known characters from horror movies; a beautifully hand-illustrated book consisting of 13 short South African ghost stories; and limited edition bespoke Marmite jars which were handcrafted into caricatures of well-known horror personalities and will be auctioned off for charity.

"Illustration and hours of craft sit at the core of this campaign. I believe this is some of the most beautifully executed work that the agency has ever done," said Jake Bester, Group Creative Director at MACHINE. "Most importantly, it also succeeds in placing Marmite in a younger consumer's consideration set."

To view the work click here:
To view the motion stop video of the graffiti wall, click here:

12 Nov 2012 10:05