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NightVision: Revolutionising campaign performance

Dentsu has taken the campaign performance delivery and optimisation landscape by storm with its groundbreaking digital adtech innovation, NightVision. Over the past few weeks, NightVision has undergone significant enhancements, accelerating its scale and optimisation capabilities as numerous campaigns go live during load shedding.
NightVision: Revolutionising campaign performance

Another standout launch campaign, which concluded in mid-June, surpassed all expectations. Compared to the control campaign data, the NightVision campaign achieved an astonishing 269% increase in impressions and a remarkable 2,304% surge in clicks.

Equally impressive was the 550% improvement in click-through rates, coupled with a substantial 73% decrease in CPM on display.

With YouTube now activated, we saw an astonishing 96% completed view rate at a 94% decrease in cost per view. NightVision AdTech is challenging and transforming what we believe is possible.

Carni Wilkens, group commercial director, expressed sheer delight with NightVision's exceptional performance thus far, stating: "As creators of solutions and products that drive positive business outcomes for our clients, we couldn't be more thrilled with the results NightVision has delivered."

In May, Dentsu introduced NightVision, an innovative solution that dynamically boosts ad investment into areas with a more attentive mobile audience due to load shedding. Leveraging API integrations and cutting-edge geofencing capabilities in real-time. With limited alternative options, people naturally turn to their mobile phones for entertainment and information, resulting in increased attention and longer dwell times.

Dentsu remains committed to advancing NightVision's capabilities and product integrations to revolutionise performance across Africa. The groundbreaking adtech innovation is set to redefine the landscape, empowering marketers, advertisers, brand specialists, and clients to achieve unprecedented results in the digital realm.

18 Jul 2023 15:01