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Rocketseed unveils brand refresh to lead in one-to-one email marketing

Rocketseed, a pioneer in the email signature and branding space, announces a brand refresh to align with market trends and customer needs. It is making a strategic shift to focus on an undervalued and often overlooked key component of the broader marketing mix: one-to-one email marketing at scale. The move comes as the company aims to offer more personalised solutions through employees' direct emails, a channel often overlooked by marketing teams. Companies can boost engagement rates by up to 70% with every business email, but corporate email is often overlooked as a powerhouse marketing channel.
Rocketseed unveils brand refresh to lead in one-to-one email marketing

Why a brand refresh?

Ninety-five percent of businesses still use email as their prime mode of communication. We aim to empower marketers and businesses with an underserved but critical marketing tool everyone seems to have overlooked in the excitement of trying ‘everything or anything new.’ Getting the basics right is vital. A brand is a company’s biggest asset, email is the most significant marketing channel most organisations have, and their employees are their biggest advocates. Yet they spend millions branding websites, social channels, and marketing to indistinct ‘audience segments’ on impersonal one-to-many channels, yet neglect direct, personal, and trusted email. 1,200 emails are sent by each employee every month.

The possibility to make their brand shine and run trackable marketing campaigns directly in all employee emails should be the first thing any company does to achieve consistent, engaging brand representation. We’re also well aware that the cost of marketing, especially martech tools, has skyrocketed. We want companies to understand there is a cost-effective and engaging tool immediately available to them.

Rocketseed’s brand refresh aims to meet the evolving needs of its expanding global customer base while highlighting that most companies overlook a fundamental marketing requirement. The decision was fuelled by extensive research among customers, partners, and staff. The brand update is not a complete rebranding but a strategic evolution highlighting the power of our collective product features to show companies the power of one-to-one marketing at scale.

Six pillars of Rocketseed's brand refresh

  1. Evolving to meet customer needs: Rocketseed adapts to market trends and challenges, aiming to offer more personalised marketing solutions.

  2. Strategic repositioning: The brand is moving beyond the commoditised email signature market to emphasise the capabilities of one-to-one email marketing.

  3. Customer-centric approach: Insights from in-depth research with all stakeholders have been invaluable in shaping the brand's new direction.

  4. Global expansion: Rocketseed is growing its presence in new markets, catering to larger corporations with unique challenges.

  5. Innovation: New products are in the pipeline, and the refreshed brand sets the stage for upcoming innovations.

  6. Specialisation: The brand focuses on the unique needs of large, specialist organisations in sectors ranging from healthcare and real estate to financial services.

Rocketseed unveils brand refresh to lead in one-to-one email marketing

What is One-to-One Email Marketing at Scale?

In today's world, face-to-face interaction is increasingly uncommon. This is due to several factors, including the prevalence of the internet and social media and the increasing popularity of remote work. When it comes to marketing, it’s even more rare. Almost every platform used for marketing is ‘one-to-many,’ meaning they get little say over who sees their ads, and as such, every advert needs to apply to as broad an audience as possible in the hope they resonate. As a result, one-to-one communication has become more critical than ever.

One-to-one communication allows businesses to connect with their customers and prospects personally. It will enable companies to build relationships with their customers and to understand their needs and wants. Additionally, one-to-one communication can help businesses build trust with their customers.

Employees are a business's most valuable asset regarding one-to-one communication. Employees can send personal, private, and trusted emails directly to customers and prospects. This allows companies to engage with their customers in a meaningful way. There is no other way to be as personal as this. It’s also the most effective internal communications tool, which can be used more effectively with Rocketseed.

Why now?

Market trends and increasing customer expectations for personalised experiences make it the perfect time for Rocketseed to steer the industry towards one-to-one email marketing at scale.

You can find the full release and related assets and images here:

26 Sep 2023 10:13