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TikTok wants creators to start posting horizontal videos

Big changes are on the horizon as TikTok introduces incentives for posting long, horizontal videos. In a recent development, the platform is notifying select creators about the opportunity to increase views for videos over a minute long in landscape mode.

This move marks a significant shift in TikTok's content strategy, promising enhanced visibility for creators who embrace longer-form content.

Creators were sent a message with details saying that the video's width must be larger than its height. Videos must be original content, cannot be ads for government or from political accounts and must follow community guidelines.

According to reports, qualifying videos will get a boost in views 72 hours after posting but no direct monetary compensation.

Creators like Emmy Speens has told The Washington Post that she will not be posting horizontally.

“The whole appeal of TikTok is the easy swiping. It’s the quickness, the one-handedness, it’s the ease of use that attracted people to TikTok in the first place," she said to the publication.

Christy Gibson, a doctor who uses the platform to talk medicine said she is excited about the opportunity.

“I’ve been catering to shorter attention spans with one minute videos, but I really look forward to doing more deeper content for people who are like, okay, I want to spend more time with this topic,” she said.

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